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Policies » Convention Policies Convention rules and policies document
Please note that absolutely no food or drinks are allowed inside the hotel or conference site. Multiple water stations will be available for the attendees.

Weapon Policy • Weapons (props) can be made out of any material
• Martial arts weapons with restricted authorisations are prohibited (ie : tonfas, shuriken). These models may however be allowed if made out of plastic or foam.
• Wooden weapons are accepted
• All metal blades, even dulled, are forbidden. (ie : kitchen knives, swords)
• Foam weapons (LARP) and lightsabers (Star Wars) are allowed, but no duel/combat will be tolerated.
• Law enforcement weapons are prohibited (ie : pepperspray, taser gun)
• Whips are allowed but must remain rolled up.
• Weapons such as bows and slingshots must have a loose rope installed.
• All weapons (props) must undergo inspection by the Weapon master. He may refuse the weapon or prop regardless of its make. You must then bring the weapon back to your car, hotel room or home.
• The Security personnel reserves the right to verify weapons at any given time. Those with an unverified weapon must IMMEDIATELY go to the Weapon Check table.
• Anyone not following these rules may have consequences, such as having their week-end or day badge taken away.

If you have any questions, you may contact the person responsable for security and weapon check here