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REGISTRATION : Saturday September 16th | 10h to 12h - Foyer next to the Main Events (Salon Sherbrooke C)
GREENROOM : Saturday September 16th | 15h to 20h - Panel D (Rivière Magog) and Panel E (Rivière St-François)
MASQUERADE : Saturday September 16th | 18h to 20h - Main Events (Salon Sherbrooke C)
AWARDS CEREMONY : Sunday September 17th | 13h to 14h30 - Main Events (Salon Sherbrooke C)

Masquerade rules
The standard divisions system

What is a masquerade?
Animara Con's masquerade is a costume contest presenting characters from anime, manga, video games, TV shows, novels an any costume inspired by these works. This amateur competition allows participants to present their superb costumes, the excellence of their confection and their creativity. They will be judged by a group of experienced cosplayers, who will award prizes highlighting the confection skills and the originality of their presentations.

Two ways to present a costume are possible : a sketch or a parade
The sketch is a short theatrical presentation lasting at most one minute during which the participants show their costumes and present a sketch based on their favourite anime or manga, or of their own imagination. These presentations can be serious or hilarious, full of action or pure parodies and including characters from one or many works. No matter their content, they are always amusing and demonstrate the creativity of the participants.

The parade participants do not prepare a sketch, but go on stage to show off their amazing costumes, like in a fashion show. This allows the audience to appreciate the work of participants who do not wish to write a sketch or play on stage.
To highlight the participants' work, prizes are awarded to the best presentations and costumes.

How to participate?
1. First, read the rules.
2. Next, fill out the registration form (printed from online or taken at the refistration table) and submit it with your MP3 audio (optional) at the registration table during the following hours :
Saturday September 16th, from 10am to 12pm, or until 40 entries have been reached.
3. There is a limit of 40 entries, so plan to be there early!
4. Present yourself at the "Greenroom" for 3pm on Saturday September 16th (Panel E, Rivière St-François). Be aware that you may not leave the greenroom until you go on stage. It is therefore recommended to have a meal beforehand.
5. Be ready to go on stage when you show up to the greenroom, because the judges will examine your costumes before you go on stage.

N. B. : Costumes that cannot go through a regular doorframe will be refused. They unfortunately cannot fit through backstage to go on stage.

Awards Ceremony
The awards ceremony will take place on Sunday, September 17th at 12:30pm in the main events room.

The standard divisions system
The standard divisions system, in accordance with the guidelines of the International Costumers Guild, will be used as follows :

Junior Division (also known as "Young Fan")
Any participant under 13 years old at the time of the convention. This division includes two sub-divisions :
Costume made by the participant : The costume was made in majority or totality by the participant
Costume made by an adult : The costume was made in majority or totality by an adult.

Novice Division
Any participant who has not won any prize other than in the Junior Division.

Journeyman Division
Any participant having won less than three (3) prizes in masquerades while registered in the Journeyman Division.

Artisan Division
Any participant having won three (3) or more prizes in masquerades while registered in the Journeyman Division, or any participant who wishes to participate in this category and who does not belong to a higher category.

Master Division
Any participant having won more than three (3) prizes in masquerades while registered in the Artisan Division, or any participant having won a prize in the Master Division in a national level masquerade. Also, any participant recognized as being a professional in the costume industry must participate in this division. For this competition, a professional is defined as being someone for whom more than 50% of their income comes from activities in the costume industry.

Out-of-Competition Division
The Masquerade is an amateur contest. Purchased or rented costumes may not be registered in divisions with prizes, but they may parade on stage in the Out-of-Competition Division. Costumes created for a professional context are not eligible for prizes, but may also parade in this division. Additionally, anyone who wishes to register in this division may.

Note : Any participant may choose to register in a higher division than the one to which they belong. However, if he/she wins in this division, they must register in this division in future masquerades.

The crafting evaluation will take place backstage, before the start of the Masquerade. These prizes, rewarding excellence in the construction of a costume, are awarded in parallel with the Masquerade prizes. You may be judged on the costume as a whole or on a specific piece or accessory. The evaluation of the costume confection is only mandatory for Artisan and Master costumers, but it is strongly recommended for other divisions (except Out-of-Competition). Quality work deserves to be rewarded, no matter the division. Our judges spare a particular attention to the materials and fabrics chosen, the clothing's cut, the finishing, the participant's mastering of technique. etcé The judges must know which parts of the costume were created by the participant and which were purchased, if applicable.

It is strongly recommended to provide the judges with images representing the costume that your are presenting at the Masquerade when it is from an existing work, especially if it is possible that the judges do not know this work. Only provide copies of these images for the judges, no originals.